Charleston Sc Holidays

When I got married, my husband was living in Atlanta, Georgia so I had to leave my country in order to be with him. He had come for the marriage and then had left after a month. I had to give my last semester papers so I ended up joining him after three torturous months. We were excited to meet after such a long time and so my husband had booked us for three days at Lake Lanier, Hilton Resort, Georgia. It was a lovely experience and the resort was like a wonderful surprise for both of us. Coincidentally, it was New Year’s Eve and there was a big party arranged at the resort. After a five-course meal, we ended up on the dance floor to join everyone else in the countdown for the New Year.

On our first anniversary, we drove to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and also visited Charleston SC too. In Myrtle Beach we stayed at a warm and inviting hotel right on the beach and spent a blissful four days there. For the Charleston SC holidyay

Florida was one place I had been to many times before getting married so I wasn’t that keen on revisiting it. Naturally, as kids the attraction of Disneyland, Epcot Centre and MGM Studios is much more.

I loved living in Atlanta but, had to return to my country after two years. My mother-in-law was quite ill and there was no one else available to take care of her. So, my husband and I decided to pack up everything, wind up our business and return home. We were lucky to three memorable years with her after which she was no more.

The two years that I spent in Atlanta always remind me of happy times and joyous moments. Once, we drove all the way up to New York. We stopped at Maryland for the night and then reached New York the next day. It was a long drive but, the states that I crossed on the way were all beautiful and I enjoyed every minute of it.

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