Charleston, SC Going Green initiative is a commendable step in reducing the impact on the world around us.

The Charleston, SC Going Green seems important if you really think we can help the environment.

The scientific evidence believes human activity has increased levels of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere.

Burning coal, natural gas, and oil may be the biggest cause of this rise in the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere.

The increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can cause higher than average temperatures around the world, due to what's called the greenhouse effect.

It can also affect weather patterns, making some areas colder than they should be, more prone to severe weather, and affect crop patterns.

If you've been wondering about weather patterns for the past few years, they may have been affected by climate change.

The implications of going green are multiple.

It's important for the city to make sure that active measures are taken to keep the region and city's economy in good shape.

Minimization of fuel consumption and efficient use of energy are two ways that this can be done, in view of the rising cost of fuels.

On top of this initiative, the city also intends to foster a market in renewable energy. This has been shown to help improve local economies at the same time that it provides cleaner air and other environmental and health improvements. As gasoline prices and other energy costs go up, the city and its residents are using their energy more efficiently. That keeps overhead costs lower.

Performance review contracting has already helped the city save energy and money, and they keep looking for ways to cut costs over the long haul. The process of making the city of Charleston greener is an ongoing effort.

The business owners and the community are working to keep Charleston a beautiful place to live and visit.

Thus far, the people have had a lot of success in addressing many different sustainability issues.

Helping the environment and quality of life in Charleston is very commendable how the leaders and individuals come together to work at this important issue about the environment.

In doing the research about Charleston it made my family and me want to find out about what we can do to improve our energy efficiency and save money.

We want to find out what our city is doing to go green, and how we can help.

You may want to consider green building and landscaping, whether you are building new or improving on what you've got.

New products and services are constantly being brought to market. The green building and landscaping are competitively priced and you most likely will save money over the long term.

Perhaps, you may want to venture out and build and install your own solar power system and wind power system.

My husband and son are excited about this new project that could possibly save us money and help our environment.

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