Charleston SC Historic District

Charleston SC historic district is enjoyed by millions of people yearly. Many individuals enjoy spending a holiday or a weekend getaway touring the area downtown. It is rich in southern culture and history. It is like stepping back in the past for a few hours hearing the tour guide tell about times of the past while riding a horse drawn carriage through the old neighborhoods.

The rich culture and history started around the year of 1670. There are many events that led up to the development of the city that we recognized as modern day Charleston, SC. It just happens that the modern is detailed with a deeply enticing history. Nestled south of the coast, the meeting place of the Cooper River and Ashley River, Charleston has often been referred to as the "Holy City" because of the number of churches in the area. However, its name of Charleston was actually named after Charles II. This was a king of England.

When visiting Charleston SC you may enjoy visiting the Battery Park. Though it is known as a public park, it had many other distinguished parts of history. At one point, it was an artillery point for soldiers that served in the Civil War.

We enjoyed visiting the popular Waterfront Park. This wonderful park offers visitors a view of the Harbor in Charleston. There are a number of beautiful trails, lawn fountains, picnic tables, swings, and other activities for individuals to take part in. We enjoyed taking a walk and enjoyed the overall beauty of the harbor. We saw others picnicking in the shade that the large South Carolina trees have to offer while soaking up the beauty of this lovely Park.

The City Market in Charleston, SC is a wonderful place to visit if you enjoy a fine mixture of historic culture and shopping. There are many, many different vendors and shopping experiences waiting for you in the City Market. One of the most favored of all the vendors is the ones offered by the Gullah ladies. They create a wide-assortment of handmade sweetgrass baskets. Many tourists that visit the City Market in Charleston, South Carolina do not leave the experience without purchasing at least one of these fabulous sweetgrass homemade baskets.

You can enjoy learning about the history of this beautiful South Carolina town through the landmarks,viewing southern plantations, exploring local churches,and even enjoying the wonderful stories through museums in the area of the rich Charleston SC history.

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