Columbia, SC Offers Year Round Activities

Columbia,SC is located about 13 miles northwest from the geographical center of South Carolina, and is the main city of South Carolina's Midlands region, which is made up of many counties in the state’s central portion.

It lies at two big river’s confluence, and is probably the ideal place in the country for canoe and kayak enthusiasts.

It is also famous for the big number of independent theater groups that it has. The town's theaters are interesting and it was fun learning about this community.

Town Theater is the oldest theater of the country’s community. It's located just a little away from the South Carolina University, and the National Register of Historic Places has listed its playhouse.

Trustus Theater is the professional company of its theaters. After it was found about two decades ago, Trustus created a new name for theater in the capital city of South Carolina.

The Nickelodeon Theater is located on the side of the Pendleton and the Main Streets, and is a small store which has 77 seats. It has been operating since 1979, and the Columbia Film Society runs it. Two films are screened here every evening besides a matinee show for three days of the week.

Columbia Marionette Theater is the only free standing theater of the nation and is fully devoted to marionette arts. People of all ages enjoy the marionette production which is presented in the theater. Outdoor attractions includes Carolina Children's Garden, Cayce Riverwalk Park, the Nature Conservancy and the Riverbank Zoo & Garden.

Our family loved the Riverbank Zoo. Watching the penguins was delightful. They had such manners; they took turns, standing in line to swim.

Our family visit here was fun and the city has much to offer for family activities.

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