Savannah, Georgia is a historic southern masterpiece.

Savannah, Georgia, is filled with Georgia antebellum charm, one of the South's great cities.

This gracious city remains one of the most enjoyable tourist destinations in the South.

You may want to start your visit with a shopping trip to Riverfront Plaza and City Market, both in downtown Savannah's old docks district.

Built primarily in 19th century cotton warehouses, Riverfront Plaza is a wonderful tour through great shops and restaurants.

Further downtown, the original central market City Market provides you with a bewildering array of vendors, antiques, and souvenirs, both indoors and outdoors.

Also look for walking tours of dozens of historic homes, churches, and cemeteries, as well as Fort Jackson, a historic Civil War era fort near the historic district.

Sports are another excellent reason to visit here.

With its location on the beautiful Atlantic coast, it offers you every kind of water sport you could want to try, from parasailing to dolphin tours.

Deep sea fishing is excellent off the coast, and you'll find multiple charter companies.

Golf is popular as well and there are several world-class courses.

If it's good Southern cooking you're seeking out on your vacation, this is a perfect place for you.

Lady and Sons is a world-renowned restaurant, run by the famous Paula Dean, where you can try plenty of the seafood and hearty Southern dishes.

Do not pass up the sweet ice tea with fresh mint garnish – this is what the South truly tastes like.

And save room for dessert; Southern sweets are warm and filling, real down-home masterpieces, and Paula Dean gives you plenty to choose from.

With its deep history, variety of cultures, and great cuisine, this city is one of the hidden treasures of the American coast.

You are sure to find food and fun to please everyone in your family.

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