SC Aquarium at Charleston SC can offer magic moments for your family holiday.

The SC Aquarium at Charleston SC is the perfect place for you to plan a day for the whole family.

You can literally make an entire day out of visiting this wondrous place.

The SC Aquarium at Charleston SC have so much to offer and so many activities to choose from, that you may find that one day is not enough for you to get your fill of fun.

No matter whether you choose to pack a lunch or eat lunch there, you will need to plan for it. If you and your family decide to make a whole day out of this trip, you will need to refuel to keep going. They offer such great events for adults and children at the South Carolina aquarium.

They offer Camp Carolina which is an indoor campground at the South Carolina aquarium.

This lets you stay cool and bug free while camping. There are no tents needed for this camping trip just a sleeping bag and your family.

They offer fun educational events that are just for the kids and they also supply snacks as well as a continental breakfast the next morning.

They have a daily activities that can be done with your children such as Camp critters.

This is where your children will get to learn about one of the curious critters that they may see wandering around in your campsite.

They also have super Saturdays which is a day filled with activities, excitement and fun for the whole family. There is an ocean tank interactive dive called watercolors, that they do daily at the Ocean Gallery.

It teaches you and your family about the vibrant colors you see underwater and what they do to help with animals stay alive.

There is also a great interactive game show called Fish and chips which is also an ocean tank interactive dive.

At the great Hall you'll find a live animal program called Animal Antics, which will teach you about why animals act the way they do.

This is fun for the whole family and one activity you will not want to miss.

There are so many daily activities to choose from it can be hard to pick which ones that you want to do for the day.

Your family will be excited to see the many creatures located throughout the aquarium, both in sea life and on land.

The South Carolina aquarium serves as a home to more than 10,000 plants and animals.

Some of the animals, plants and sea critters that you might see while on your adventure might be loggerhead sea turtles, River otters, Venus flytrap's, seahorses, hawks, rattlesnakes, Sea dragons, pythons, Moray eels, jellyfish, great blue Heron's, starfish, owls, pufferfish and even sharks.

Some of the animals or critters that you may see can be very rare and even exotic.

This is truly an adventure the entire family will love.

You will find yourself returning again and again to see that beautiful wonders that the aquarium has to offer.

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