While Visiting Charleston, SC
look at the beautiful Sweetgrass Baskets

Located at the Old City Market in Charleston, SC beautiful sweetgrass baskets are being made by Gullah ladies.

The ladies who make these baskets are known as Gullah people or the Geechee people. They live in the costal regions of South Carolina and Georgia and they speak Creole English that still holds true to many elements of their native African language and culture.

While you can find some stands along the the highways where you can purchase this craft. My favorite place was at the Old City Market in downtown Charleston, SC.

I never realized the history behind this incredible art. We were fortunate to see this art of basket making on our last trip to Charleston, SC.

You should come and listen to the Gullah language as the Gullah ladies sit and weave their day away. It was such a pleasure to watch these ladies making hand made art.

The demand for these baskets are still as great today as they ever were whether they are purchased for use or for display.

This has lead to a certain financial freedom for professional sweetgrass basket makers.

I am curious about the continuationof this beautiful basket weaving with the younger generation, if they will continue this wonderful treasure.

I hope the community will continue teaching the younger generations this craft. Preserving the basket weaving is quite an amazing heritage.

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