Waccamaw River is a Historic Scenic Riverway.

For the fishing enthusiasts, it doesn’t get much better than this.

The Waccamaw River, which flows from North Carolina into South Carolina into the Intercoastals Waterway and then to the Ocean, offers fishing from the Saltwater fishing of the Ocean, to the combination of the bays, inlets and Intercoastals waterway, to Freshwater fishing of the inland rivers and streams.

The beauty of the rivers black waterways, white sand beaches, rare Atlantic White cedar, and native habitat of the largest American Black Bear population and old South rice plantations, make it one of the more beautiful and diversified rivers of the South. The fishing offers bream and bass in the black river waters, along with the saltwater fish combination of black and red drum, spot tail bass, flounder, speckled sea trout, and croakers, shark and whiting caught from the intercoastal piers.

The baits of choice are dead shrimp, mud minnows, fiddler crabs, worms, shiners and crickets, depending on where you are fishing and what type of fish. The Waccamaw river basin hosts many old Southern plantations, rice fields, and historic sites.

The 1270 foot long Waccamaw River Memorial Bridge, built in 1939, near Conway, South Carolina is in the National Historic Register, and is noted for its Gothic inspired pillars.

There are several River cruises available that will take you on guided tours of the rice plantations, historic southern homes, river dockings and the natural beauty of the riverway.

Great American River Cruises offers a 150-person boat and Plantation River Cruises offers a 60-person boat, equipped with snack bars.

The natural shorelines of white sand beaches, and white cedars is home to many native animals, such as the largest American black bear population, along with otters and beaver and the Atlantic White Cedar, which is a rare breed of trees, that barely exists anywhere but this river basin.

These trees, with their curved bark and white wood, were popular as the source for making Juniper boats, like in “Moby Dick”.

As you can see, this river takes you through North and South Carolina, from swamps to the Atlantic Ocean, offers rare wildlife and plant life, and Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing opportunities, along with the historic Southern plantations and rice farms.

It is a vacation getaway worth exploring, no matter what your interest may be. The Lake Waccamaw and Lake Lumbar State Parks have been designated by the National Park Services as the Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge and National Park designating the area as one of America’s must see areas for preservation.

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